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Warm & Fiery (6 Pack)


The Warm & Fiery selection 6 pack includes botanicals specially selected to enhance your gin. Whether you’re having a classic ‘London’ gin and tonic or one of many brands and flavours available, this selection gives you the option for multiple tasting enhancements.

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The Warm & Fiery selection 6 pack includes botanicals specially selected to enhance your gin. Whether you’re having a classic ‘London’ gin and tonic or one of many brands and flavours available, this selection gives you the option for multiple tasting enhancements.

To enhance your classic gin and tonic, the best option is to incorporate two or three Cubeb Berries, while for a more spiced gin and tonic add a few Coriander Seeds or Black Peppercorns. If you’re looking for sweeter flavour, you will need to add a “special touch” with some Ginger, Cumin or Cinnamon Bark pieces. The possibilities to enhance your gin are deliciously endless! Set includes 6 botanicals.


Pink Peppercorns
Description: Brazilian pepper is a dioecious (having male and female flowers) shrub or small tree, native to Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, which is now naturalised in other tropical areas including the southern United States and Africa, it grows to a height of 7-12 metres. The leaves are alternate, pinnately compound with 3-5 leaflets, ovately lanceolate-elliptical in shape, 10-22cm in length, leathery and mid-green in colour with yellowish veins. The 5-petaled flowers are small, white in colour with yellow stamens and grow in tightly clustered panicles. Flowers fade and ripen to berries which are spherical, 4-5mm in diameter and green ripening to pinky-red. (15g).

Description: Cumin is an annual herb native to Egypt which is now cultivated in southern Europe and Asia, it grows to a height of 20–30cm it has a slender, branched stem. The leaves pinnate sometimes bi-pinnate and 5–10cm in length, bluish-green in colour, with thin thread-like leaflets. The tiny flowers are white to pale pink in colour and are born on umbels approximately 3.5cm in diameter; each umbel contains 5-7 umbellets. The fruits are 4-5mm in length and contain a single seed which is oblong in shape and ridged along the length and yellowy-brown in colour. (20g).

Black Peppercorns
Description: Pepper comes from a perennial, woody, climbing vine native to south-western India but is now cultivated in Africa, Brazil, China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It grows to a height of 2-5 metres and uses surrounding trees and structures to support itself. The leaves are entire, alternate, 5-10cm in length and cordately ovate in shape, dark glossy-green in colour. The flowers are small, yellowy-white to greenish-white in colour and present in clusters of long drooping spikes 4-8cm in length in the leaf nodes. As the pepper berries develop, the spikes lengthen to between 7-15cm. (20g).

Cubeb Berries
Description: Cubebs are the fruits (drupes) of a perennial shrubby vine native to Indonesia, now found growing all over tropical Asia, which grows up to 6 metres high. The leaves are petiolate and oblong-ovate in shape, glossy dark green in colour with lighter green veins and midrib and are 2.5-5cm in length. The inflorescences grow in clustered upright spikes of yellowish-green flowers which spiral around the inflorescence. The flowers give way to berries which look similar to black pepper but are stalked, green in colour ripening to dark brown and are approximately 4mm in diameter. (18g)

Corriander Seed
Description: Coriander is an aromatic annual herb native to Southern Europe and Western Asia, now cultivated in most temperate regions of the world. It grows to a height of between 35-60cm. There are two kinds of leaves on coriander, the upper leaves are fern-like and finely divided, the lower ones are broadly lobed and undivided, and both types of leaves are bright green. The flowers and comprised of umbels of shortly stalked florets which are white to pale pink in colour and 5-6mm in diameter. Flowers produce small, globular, aromatic seeds which are 3-5mm in diameter, brown-beige in colour with vertical ridges. (15g).

Ginger (coarse cut)
Description: Ginger is an herbaceous perennial herb native to tropical Asia, though not found growing in the wild, and now cultivated in Latin America and Africa; it grows to a height of 1-1.5 metres. The alternate leaves are long, lanceolate in shape and dark glossy green in colour with a centre midrib and 10-20cm in length. The flowers are produced on green coloured bracts which often appear before the leaves, the flowers are yellowy-green in colour with purple lips and creamy blotches. Ginger is grown primarily for its aromatic rhizomes which are harvested and used in a variety of ways. (15g).


Additional information

Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 17 × 23.5 × 3.8 cm


  • Pink Peppercorns (15g).
  • Cumin (20g).
  • Black Peppercorns (20g).
  • Cubeb Berries (18g)
  • Corriander Seed (15g).
  • Ginger (coarse cut) (15g).


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